Monday, March 9, 2009

Uppity Adam


Unknown said...

The slightly obscured symbol is the primary means neoconservatives use in their attacks upon the hearts and minds of their opponents.

They then counter any critique of the symbol ( the conditioned symbol) with the concept of the icon.

The Icon because of the I in Icon. They use this word because it reinforces the idea of perspective, Interpretation and viewpoints.

The concept of the Icon is used to hide the act of conditioning symbols.

Unknown said...

The conditioning of symbols being such an important weapon for the neconservative and the ensuing battle to critique and defend against them has resulted in the neocon forming a movement.

This movement is called zionist literalism. Their argument is this : "call a spade a spade "

They use this argument because the act of conditioning symbols creates multiple meanings. By arguing for literalism they pass over the symbolic, the attached meaning.

A famous example that pretty much destroys their argument is the advertising campaign by the British cigarette company silk cut who would use a piece of silk and a cut in the silk to symbolise their company.