Saturday, March 28, 2009

Roland Boer on Marxism & Religion (1)

I've recently discovered Roland Boer, who has written several books and articles on Marxism, politics, myth, and theology. He also has a blog:

Stalin's Moustache

One blog entry to check out:

Marxism and Religion: A Brief Guide

See also:

Criticism of Religion

Boer has a 5-volume series on Marxism and religion, titled Criticism of Heaven and Earth: On Marxism and Theology. Here he mentions some figures he writes about:

Lucien Goldmann
Fredric Jameson
Rosa Luxemburg
Karl Kautsky
Julia Kristeva
Alain Badiou
Giorgio Agamben
Georg Lukacs
Raymond Williams

Other blog entries of interest:

Criticism of Earth: On Marx, Engels and Theology

Political Myth: On the Use and Abuse of a Biblical Theme

. . . to which I've added a comment.

Political Grace: The Revolutionary Theology of John Calvin

Choice Biblical Morsels from Marx and Co.

A Communist Confession of Faith (while we wait for further news on NT Wrong)

. . . with comment from me.

Of Boer's articles online, to date I've reported on:

"Secularism, Utopia and the Discernment of Myth"

"Socialism, Christianity, and Rosa Luxemborg"

The next article up for review is:

"Terry Eagleton and the Vicissitudes of Christology," Cultural Logic, 2005.

. . . and there are more to be discussed.

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