Sunday, September 25, 2011

Black freethought still on the move

Here are a few recently accessed links pertaining to African and African-American humanists and atheists:

Why I Am a Philosophic Humanist, Not a Member of Some Religious Group by Leo Igwe

African Philosophy Platform, established by Warren Allen Smith
Under exploration here: "What original ideas concerning idealism, materialism, dualism, naturalism, rationalism, positivism, or other stances have African philosophers developed?"  Site caveat: "Philosophy is a broad subject, so this platform will confine itself to academic, humanistic, and naturalistic philosophy, not to religious and spiritual discussions." This site has not been active since 2009.
The wiki Philosopedia also covers black freethought, summarized under Af - Ah.

In Washington, DC, the Secular Students at Howard University, the under the leadership of Mark Hatcher, is active. Here is a recent article in the student newspaper The Hilltop:

Perspective: Confessions of an Atheist by Dominic Ripoli

My group Black Freethought on Atheist Nexus now has 451 members.

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