Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Joel Augustus Rogers (1880-1966)

Joel Augustus Rogers (September 6, 1880 — March 26, 1966) was an autodidactic historian and pioneer in combating racial supremacist ideology, beginning with his classic 1917 anti-racist tract in dialogue form, From “Superman” to Man.

The fifth edition, which I consulted, has an index which you can find on my web site.

I have also digitized the section designated in the index as "Religion and the Negro".

See also my Esperanto blog for information on Rogers' use of the First (and only) Universal Races Congress of 1911:

J. A. Rogers, L. L. Zamenhof, and the Universal Races Congress of 1911

To learn more about Rogers, you can read the following article in its entirety when you associate yourself with a public library:

"Joel Augustus Rogers: Negro Historian in History, Time, and Space" by Malik Simba

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