Friday, May 14, 2010

Jacques Vallee's "Passport to Magonia" revisited

In a previous post (Gods, UFOs, Zen, epistemology, autonomy) I mentioned scientist and UFO investigator Jacques Vallee. Of the two books mentioned, I now think that Passport to Magonia is the principal book of relevance to that discussion. The entire book is available online:

Passport to Magonia

The preface and table of contents of the original 1969 edition are missing, but I hope to scan them and make them available. Otherwise, I call your attention to chapter 5: 'Nurslings of Immortality', particularly the final sections 'The Functioning Lie' and 'Conjectures' (pp. 148-163 in the text, pp. 80-87 in the PDF file), which summarize the epistemological questions engaged by Vallee.

Note the other works by Vallee available on the same web site:

You can also download this book at Downtr:

See also Vallee's own web site:

Jacques F. Vallee

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