Saturday, May 30, 2009

The First Annual Conference of Black Nontheists

A breakthrough event! The First Annual Conference of Black Nontheists, Friday, 7 August – Sunday, 9 August 2009, Atlanta, Georgia, is an initiative of The Gary C. Booker Mental Self-Defense Foundation. Gary Booker, whom I first encountered on my Black Freethought group, declares: "Mental Liberation is the final frontier of the civil rights movement."

These are the keynote topics up for discussion:
1. Why a secular solution to teen pregnancy in Black America is needed.

2. The role of the Black Church in the promotion of homophobia and AIDS hysteria

3. Where was God during slavery and segregation?

4. Misconceptions about Charles Darwin, Evolution and race

5. How Black stereotypes have become a 2nd religion

6. Why the Black church receives too much credit for the civil rights movement (and why this is harmful)

7. Is organized religion a sufficient tool for repairing Black male-female relationships?

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