Saturday, January 24, 2009

Obama's Christianity

Written 16 January 2009:

Obama's Christianity: why it might be sincere, why it might not, and why it might not matter.
Clashing Culture, January 7, 2009 by toddallengates

The author considers both sides of the question, whether Obama merely poses as a Christian for political purposes, or whether he really is one, and whether this is an issue at all. The author does not at all criticize Obama for hypocrisy or for trying to play both sides of the fence, a position which he thinks is a necessary qualification for a politician, and is largely pro-Obama regardless.

The quotes adduced from Obama are noteworthy in showing Obama's understanding of secularist values at the same time as professing a highly liberalized Christian faith. This shows once again how Obama tries to appeal to everyone and poses as a uniter. Unfortunately, the author doesn't dig beneath the surface to fathom Obama's underlying motivations or world view, or his ideology, or why America has (d)evolved as it has since the '60s, or America's ideological condition at this time.

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