Monday, April 21, 2008

Chris Hedges slurs 'new atheists'

Tavis Smiley interviews Chris Hedges
original airdate April 15, 2008

"I don't believe in atheists"
Foreign correspondent and intellectual provocateur Chris Hedges explains why New Atheists like Christopher Hitchens are as dangerous as Christian fundamentalists.
By Charly Wilder
Mar. 13, 2008

Note also this commentary from the Black Sun Journal (27 March 2008):

The Misanthropic Fury of Chris Hedges

The theocratic left is getting ever more irrational and dishonest. I need to compose an analytical response, but to put it briefly: Hedges is most dishonest in framing his attacks on the so-called "new atheists". The worst aspect of this is that he conflates their politics with their atheism and brands them fanatical fundamentalists as reactionary as the Christian right. He should be called out for this defamation. But also: most of the "new atheists" are politically bankrupt, but their political and/or sociological bankruptcy requires an analytical framework in order to render it comprehensible, whereas Hedges' fraudulent slanders just feed the right-wing onslaught.

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