Sunday, July 15, 2007

Jean Meslier gaining recognition

I have reported on French priest turned atheist Jean Meslier (1664 - 1733) on this blog and on the early version of my Studies in a Dying Culture blog. (See: Jean Meslier (1664 - 1733): Priest, Materialist, Atheist) Meslier is gaining more attention in recent years, judging by these additional items:

"How to be a successful atheist priest" by Colin Brewer (2003)

The Last Priest, play by David Walter Hall

Good heavens - some decent atheist drama, 11 June 2007, review of two plays:

The Last Priest by David Walter Hall

On Religion by A.C. Grayling & Mick Gordon

Thinker: Jean Meslier by Colin Brewer, New Humanist, July/August 2007

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