Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Baha'i-arrhea on Onfray et al

The blog Speechless reviews a number of books, intermittently illogically interposing the Baha'i perspective in the bargain. There are two entries reviewing Michel Onfray, others on Dennett and Pinker, and one on the reactionary Amitai Etzioni shnorring for religion. Sickening!

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Sen McGlinn said...

Your link to "speechless" goes to a posting that has nothing to do with the Bahai Faith, on a blog that also seems to have no relation to the Bahai Faith. If you are going to have a category "Bahai", why not link to one of the Bahai blogs such as (ahem) my own.

Bahais have quite diverse views. I think Amitai Etzioni is a dangerous fuddle. I don't recognise the other authors you refer to.